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Clinical Trial

Biorepository of ALS Samples

The purpose of this study is to collect blood, skin, and muscle specimens, to store them in a biorepository, and use them to learn more about the cause and disease process of ALS which will allow us to identify of subtypes of ALS. This will, hopefully, allow doctors to be better able to improve a patient?s individual care. We will also be collecting the same samples from healthy people. This way we can have examples of normal samples to compare the ALS samples to.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Inclusion Criteria 18-80 years old and capable of providing informed consent. Must be one of the following: Clinically probable ALS or clinically definite ALS by El Escorial criteria, Primary lateral sclerosis, Progressive muscular atrophy, OR Not have any neuromuscular disease or other significant diseases/disorders Exclusion Criteria Diabetes, Untreated/uncontrolled B12 deficiency, hypothyroidism, copper deficiency, Past or present syphilis infection, HIV infection, HTLV-1 infection,

Contact Information

    Brandy Quarles

    (706) 721-0390