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Clinical Trial

Differences in Postural Control during the Single-Limb Romanian Deadlift using the Dominant vs Non-Dominant Limb during Weighted and Weighted Conditions

The purpose of this study is to determine if there are differences between your balance on each leg when you perform a common leg strengthening exercise. The exercise is called a single leg Romanian deadlift (SL-RDL). The exercise is commonly used in general strengthen and condition, and also is rehabilitation. Since you stand on one leg to do the exercise, the investigators are interested in determining if there a difference between your legs (side to side) when you do the exercise without a weight and with a weight.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Participants can be included inthe study if they are: Between the ages of 18-45 Have had no back or leg injury in the past 3 months that made them miss at least one day of their normal physical activity Have no known balance impairments Do not have a current concussion

Contact Information

    Valerie Hogan

    (706) 721-2743