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Clinical Trial

Knowledge Translation of Remotely Delivered Task Oriented Training for Stroke Rehabilitation (reTOTE- Remote Task Oriented Training and Evaluation)

The purpose of this study is to translate specific task-oriented training knowledge to occupational and physical therapists to help improve stroke rehabilitation clinical practice.There will be up to 6 participants enrolled at Augusta University and Georgia State University, with a total of 12 at all sites.Therapist participants attend a 1-day educational training and then will engage with stroke survivor participants in Remote Task Oriented Training and Evaluation (reTOTE) 2-3 times a week for 10 weeks. Change in knowledge and effectiveness of training will be measured by questionnaires and by interview for therapists, and assessments of balance and gait for stroke survivor participants. Assessments will be completed pre- and immediately post training, then 1 month later.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Therapist participant eligibility criteria: No conflict of interest that would prevent participation as paid research subject No noncompete clause in employment contract preventing participation as paid research subject Have personal malpractice insurance or accept risk Have valid Georgia OT or PT license, depending on profession Stroke survivor participant criteria: Having been discharged from an inpatient rehabilitation hospital following a stroke with resultant weakness in one arm, hand, and/or lower extremity. Have a care partner who is willing and able to be present for every intervention session with the therapist participants, to assist and monitor for safety

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    Ryan Carrick

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