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Clinical Trial

ACTIV-4C: A multicenter, adaptive, prospective, randomized trial evaluating the efficacy and safety of antithrombotic strategies in patients with COVID-19 following hospital discharge (Short title: COVID-19 Post-hospital Thrombosis Prevention Study)

This study will enroll COVID-positive patients who are hospitalized with anticipated discharge within 2 days. It will evaluate the efficacy and safety of different anti-thrombotic treatments for these patients following discharge from the hospital.

Eligibility Criteria

  • INCLUSION: 1. Adults age 18 years or older who are positive for COVID-19 and who have been hospitalized for at least 48 hours. EXCLUSION: 1. Current use of anticoagulant medications, or contraindications to taking anticoagulants. 2. Any labs, medications or medical conditions not allowed by the study

Contact Information

    Aprile Osborn`

    (706) 721-0309