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Clinical Trial

(CONGA) COVID-19 Neurological and Molecular Prospective Cohort Study in Georgia

Preliminary data suggest that COVID-19 infection is highly associated with neurologic dysfunction involving the central and peripheral nervous system. Both the current outbreak of as well as prior human and mice studies from 2002 suggest that the virus is neurotropic with the ability to infect the brain. Common neurologic manifestations of COVID-19 that have been recently identified include dysruption of the ssense of taste, distortion of the sense of smell, encephalopathy, and headache, with less common associations with seizures, ischemic stroke, and neuropathy. We are concerned regarding the long-term neurologic effect of COVID-19 infection and seek to monitor these findings in clinical follow-up.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Inclusion Criteria Adults who tested positive for COVID-19 by respiratory swab or saliva using PCR testing Age 18 or greater Resident of the state of Georgia Exclusion Criteria Non-English speaking individuals in whom a cognitive screen conducted in English would be an inaccurate representation of cognition.

Contact Information

    Xiaoling Wang

    (706) 721-6139