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Clinical Trial

SOFAST: SOFia Aspiration System as first line Technique

This study is to collect information on a medical device called the SOFIAŽ Catheter. It will be used in standard of care stroke treatment. This study is to help increase our understanding of the effectiveness of this treatment.

Eligibility Criteria

  • 1. Patient is at least 21 and less than 80 years of age. 2. Prior to the current stroke event, the patient has an mRS score of 1 of less, and an NIHSS score greater than or equal to 5 at time of intervention. 3. CT/CTA and/or MR/MRA is collected at no more than 60 minutes pre-treatment 4. Neuroimaging demonstrates large vessel proximal occlusion (distal ICA through MCA bifurcation). 5. Symptom onset is within 6 hours of when groin puncture can be achieved.

Contact Information

    Scott Rahimi, MD

    706 721-3071