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Clinical Trial

(GRI RIC) Chronic Remote Ischemic Conditioning in Vascular Cognitive Impairment: A Dose Escalation Study

This study is for people who have vascular disease that puts them at risk for stroke, heart attack and other conditions such as dementia. This new treatment regimen may improve blood flow to the brain and heart. The treatment uses remote limb ischemic condition and will measure blood biomarkers.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Inclusion criteria: Men and women older than 55 years of age Head MRI in the past 6 months Able to walk & be independent in basic activities of daily living Able to understand study procedures and agree with a valid consent Able to use the RIC device safely Not have an illness that might intefere with interpreting the results Exclusion criterion: Prior non-lacunar (cortical) stroke. Unable to use of the RIC device for any reason. Confounding illness that might interfere with the interpretation of results (such as active malignancy or multiple sclerosis). Contraindication to arm ischemia (such as severe peripheral artery disease). Dementia If there is an LAR MoCA scale score <18

Contact Information

    Askiel Bruno, MD

    706 721-1691