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RBC Deformability in Acute Stroke

Compared to age matched controls, acute stroke patients are likely to have reduced red blood cell shape change under stress, nitrous oxide, nitrous oxide synthase 3, and plasma nitrite levels. This study seeks to understand this potential correlation between red blood cell structure and function after a stroke has occurred.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Patient with stroke: Inclusion: 1) Ischemic stroke of less than 24 hours duration 2) Age greater than 18 Exclusion: 1) Malignancy with life expectancy less than one year 2) Evidence of infection (e.g. sepsis) 3) Severe anemia with HCT value less than 25 4) Known HIV infection 5) Hematological disorders affecting RBCs (e.g. erythrocytosis, hemolyptic anemia, etc.) 6) Hemodialysis 7) Recent blood transfusions (within 6 months) Control: Inclusion: 1) Age greater than 18 and matched to subjects with acute ischemic stroke 2) Sex matched to subjects with acute ischemic stroke Exclusion: 1) Anemia of any kind 2) History of uncontrolled hypertension

Contact Information

    Askiel Bruno

    (706) 721-1691