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National Residency Match Program (NRMP) Information 2021 Match Week and SOAP Schedule

Hello future physicians,

Medical College of GA faculty and administrators will continue to keep you in the loop as the NRMP and each residency program makes decisions impacting you. The latest information, as of the morning of April 30, 2020, is below:

The NRMP is acutely aware of the importance of matriculating residents and fellows into training programs to prepare our nation’s future physicians. As such, no decision has been made to change the Match schedules for the 2021 Main Residency Match. However, the cancellation of exams and rotations as well as the added patient-care burden faced by the training programs are factors that NRMP will consider in our decision-making as we continue to monitor the needs of the medical education community. NRMP leadership will also continue to work with program directors’ groups (i.e., associations of training program directors) that serve as Fellowship Match sponsors to determine if there is a need to adjust the Match schedules for fellowship programs.

To abide by public health recommendations regarding limited travel and continued social distancing, and for the health and safety of applicants and program staff, NRMP recommends programs conduct at least initial screening interviews for the upcoming Fellowship Match season virtually. In addition, NRMP calls on all institutions and programs to enhance the electronic information available about their programs to better inform the research applicants conduct to determine where they would like to interview and potentially train. These measures will work to ensure interested applicants can be evaluated by programs while also providing applicants as much information as possible when making decisions about training. This poses a significant shift from the standard in-person interview and recruiting process but is a necessary step as we move into the upcoming fellow recruitment season.

So, we are awaiting additional guidance, but will keep you informed.


Visit the NRMP website for additional information, including the latest COVID-19-specific FAQs.

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