Dr. Alyce Oliver

We are delighted that you are interested in furthering your training in Internal Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia.  We are a moderate sized program in a academic setting that attracts a diverse group of trainees. Our residents experience a great blend of ambulatory and inpatient training, preparing them for careers in either general internal medicine or a subspecialty of their choice. We also have a wide array of fellowship opportunities at MCG, and our residents have a strong history of attaining any fellowships those choose to pursue. 

Our program has a very collegial atmosphere, as all of our faculty are very approachable and supportive of resident education. As Augusta University provides tertiary care for the eastern half of Georgia and the western part of South Carolina and the Augusta VA is one of the largest in the nation, our residents get exposure to a diverse array of patients and pathology.

However, the best part of our program is of course our residents. This diverse group originates from over 11 states (mostly in the Southeast) and 7 countries. This affable bunch is very supportive of one another and extremely involved in continual improvement in curriculum, services, and benefits. The terms "friendly," "professional," and "compassionate" are synonymously used by patients to describe our trainees who enjoy having a good time outside of the hospital just as much as they do providing patient care.

Please let us know if you have an interest in our program. The best way to get a feeling for our program is to see it for yourself!

photo of Shiloh Moorehead

Shiloh Moorehead

  • Residency Program Coordinator 2