Practical suggestions for effective and efficient teaching 

Teaching Objectives by Core Clerkship

Emergency Medicine       Family Medicine        Internal Medicine 

Neurology                           OB/GYN                       Pediatrics

Psychiatry                           Surgery       

Clinical Teaching

Large Group/Presentations

Small Group

  • Facilitating a small group - Introduction (video, Dr. Ralph Gillies, 2 min)
  • Talk less, ask more. Using questions effectively (one page summary)
  • Promoting discussion in groups (videos, Dr. Ralph Gillies, 1-3 min)
    • Buzz groups, Fish bowl, Group rounds


  • Giving feedback to medical learners (video, Dr. Matthew Emberly, 13 min)
  • Feedback - Labeled, focused, timely (video, UNC at Chapel Hill SOM, 19 min)
  • Feedback - Deliberate practice & best practices  (video, Dr. Amy House, 57 min, Education Grand Rounds)



Curriculum Development

Free, peer-review UGME/GME teaching materials


Additional Resources

Promoting Excellence, Discovery, Innovation, and Translation in health education to enhance learning and improve patient care.  Envisioning Augusta University as a national leader in advancing health education research, innovation, discovery and scholarship.

Free resources for preceptors including tips, videos, FAQ answers on common precepting topics.  

Teaching Video Lectures from American College of Radiology (ACR)

Improving Teaching Skills for Residents; Responding to LCME Standard ED-24 Requiring Pedagogical Instruction of Residents Engaging Medical Students with Active Cases at the Workstation
Tips for Writing Effective Multiple Choice Questions How to Enhance Lecturing: Eight Questions
Case-Based Teaching for Medical Students  Problem Based Learning 

Other Useful Resources