For Recently Hired Clinician Educators: The primary goals of this informative event are to assist recently hired clinician educators with planning their academic and research careers as well as providing them with a basic preparation for their teaching roles. Topics include promotion and tenure, definitions of scholarship, research resources on campus, institutional review board policies, and teaching strategies and pedagogy.

For Early Career Investigators: The primary goals of this informative event are to orient early career investigators at Augusta University to the multiple, research-related resources on campus, to provide some practical career development strategies, and to foster connections among research faculty. Representatives from each of the following programs will offer brief overviews of the resources they offer: International and Postdoctoral Services Office, Laboratory-Related Compliance, Institutional Review Board, Technology Transfer, Laboratory Animal Services, Promotion and Tenure, Human Resources, August Convention Bureau, Library Resources & Faculty Profiles, Grants and Contracts, and Clinical and Translational Sciences.

Who Should Attend CD-101?

This program is targeted for junior faculty newly appointed to the Augusta University. New junior faculty from all Augusta University colleges  are  invited to attend.  The program is held annually. If you are a new faculty member and would like to attend the next CD-101 program, contact Dr. Ralph Gillies.