Bidhan Bhandari

Bidhan Bhandari

  • Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Area of Research: Immune Regulation with a specific focus on medical cannabis and endocannabinoid system
  • Why is your research important?  The cannabinoid system is a pioneeringly growing topic in the field of science. The positive impact it has on translational research is pivotal. Thus, my research work could contribute to this growing field and be beneficial to the health sector.
  • Why did you choose your degree program? Coming from a dental background, I believe evidence-based science coupled with the right methods and technology would be a pivotal step in the treatment. Therefore, I planned to pursue PhD in biomedical science to equip myself with knowledge and skills that would enhance my academic career and broaden my professional life. Thus, the collaboration between biomedical sciences and the dental sector would help me be part of translational research and contribute to the field of medicine.
  • What wisdom have you learned from your mentor? Patience and excellence are the key. Never give up and be strongly determined. My mentor is very understanding and supportive and guides me very well to navigate through hard times.
  • What have you found most beneficial about your program at AU?  The Oral Biology and diagnostic sciences department is a great place to do research and be successful as a student. You have a great chance of having meaningful interaction with different professors in a collaborative environment. Apart from this, you also have the chance to get exposed to a dental school environment which is very useful, especially for people with a dental background.
  • Please share words of advice for someone considering this program at AU: The environment is very welcoming and friendly. I am an international student, and everyone on campus is friendly and welcoming. The professors are very helpful and friendly. The teaching-learning experience is very preeminent in this University. Augusta University has very diverse and clinically relevant programs to pursue your career with.
  • Have you been involved in any AU activities? The Biomedical Student Association is a group of students where you meet different people, be friends and unwind for food and drinks. Also, you get to know about different cultures and practices. You can also anticipate in different recreational activities where you can refresh amid your busy PhD schedule.
  • What are your career goals? I see myself working close to the field of science for the rest of my life. So, I aim to achieve a decision-making position that I can contribute to the field of science and be a part of this fantastic field.
  • What have been some of your most rewarding moments while in your program? Giving a presentation about the work I was doing is one of the most rewarding so far. It not only boosted my confidence but also helped me getting exposed to the experts in the field of science which was really fascinating.
  • What courses in your program's curriculum stand out as most helpful ? I think all of the courses that I have taken so far has been really helpful. The structure of the curriculum is orderly and methodical and introduces you to different courses progressively.
  • What AU resources have been most helpful? Academically, the library is very resourceful. They have designated faculties that can help you with grant writing and abstract writing which is very pivotal in your PhD life. You also have the option to access different study materials and I think it is the best hub to study as the environment is very quiet and resourceful. Apart from that, The IPSO office for international students is very meaningful, and you can always ask for their help whenever needed regarding your visa status and travel documents. Also, the recreational center is very resourceful when it comes to extra-curricular activities
  • What is your favorite AU memory? On the first day of graduate school when I got the opportunity to get introduced to my new professors and friends, I was very excited as I was starting a new chapter in my life. Also, I am happy about many more memories throughout my PhD to cherish for a lifetime.
  • What do you do for fun? I like traveling. I am a big-time Football Fan. I follow Manchester United Football club. Also, I enjoy my time hanging out with my friends. I enjoy my time for hiking and gym.
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Graduating Student

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