The Biomedical Sciences programs at the Medical and Dental Colleges of Georgia at AU have a long and rich history of excellence in graduate student research, training and education.   

Application to the Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. program is through a common admissions process and not to an individual biomedical sciences program. First year students complete as series of laboratory rotations before choosing a mentor and joining one of our nine biomedical sciences majors:

Outstanding areas of thematic research in these majors include cancer biology, cardio-metabolic diseases, neurological diseases, vision science... and more!  

If you are an intellectually curious student committed to developing your talents for a life of discovery, leadership and service— then our Biomedical Sciences Programs are the fit for you!

Let's get started on your application now...


  • Apply early and save: Submit your application by December 1 and pay no application fee. The standard deadline is December 15th with a $55.00 application fee


  • An outstanding education at an affordable price: Graduate Research Assistantships for biomedical science PhD students include a competitive annual stipend $29,000 and a reduced tuition rate of $25 per semester and a choice from two health insurance plans. Depending on the plan that is selected, a portion or up 100% of the single-person premium costs are covered.


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