A Message from Dr. Darrell Brann

Alec  Davalia and Nicole Lopez working in lab

I decided to sponsor the scholarship award in neuroscience and the alumni awards to support and encourage our graduate students to strive for excellence in all that they do. As an Alumni, I owe a lot to the Medical College of Georgia and the Graduate School at Augusta University. They provided me an outstanding foundation for my career in science and academia.

- Darrell Brann, PhD 



Brann Scholarship Award in Neuroscience

The Darrell W. Brann Scholarship in Neuroscience is a $1,000 scholarship award presented yearly to a Biomedical PhD graduate student in the Neuroscience Program for outstanding academic performance, excellence in neuroscience research, and for service to the institution and local community.


  • Wonjo Jang (2021)
  • Luodan Yang (2020)
  • Yujiao Lu (2019)
  • Molly Braun  (2018) 
  • Merry Ma (2017) 
  • Roshni Thakkar (2016)
  • Amanda Crider (2015)
  • Jonathan Bean (2014)
  • Bhavana Desai (2013)
  • Erin Schott (2012)
  • Scott Webster (2011)
  • Limor Raz (2010)
  • Annie Ting (2009)
  • Melissa Laird (2008)
  • Elsie Wong (2007)
  • Gregory Digby (2006)
  • Jason Niehaus (2005) 


Wonjo Jang with Brann Award2021 Brann scholarship recipient, Wonjo Jang.

Brann Alumni Award

The Brann Alumni Award is a $250 scholarships presented annually to Biomedical PhD graduate student(s) who have shown outstanding academic performance.

Congratulations Yonghong Luo (Physiology) and Lindsey Ramirez (Physiology) for receiving the 2021 Brann Alumni Award!

 Previous Brann Alumni Award Recipients

Reem Atawia Brann Scholarship Award Winner

Reem Atawia

Sai Karthik Kodeboyina 2018 Brann Alumni Award recepient

Sai Karthik Kodeboyina
 Genomic Medicine

Molly Braun 2018 Brann Alumni Award recepient

Molly Braun